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Cernovich: Reporters, “Want to Hurt” Your Children

Far right influencer Mike Cernovich posted this to his Twitter account today.

This parrots former President Trump’s views on reporters who said things like, “the intent is so evil and so bad” when speaking of reporters.

The Syntax

Cernovich seems to take another Trump tactic in how he phrases his tweet. He doesn’t say, “all reporters are evil.” However he implies it’s a huge number of them by saying, “many” and implies it’s such a large percentage it might be most of them. The casual reader will probably just assume this applies to almost all reporters.

When challenged, Cernovich may claim that all he said was that this applies to some reporters but not all. However, the tweet above implies it is a large percentage.

The Reality Check

While Cernovich plays on a popular theme in Trumpland, the idea that reporters are evil and want to hurt you, his own tweet is far more damaging than any reporter’s story.

The ultimate beneficiary of this type of language is not America but her enemies such as Russia. It is dictatorships that benefit from hating the free press, not democracies. Democracies need the press because the press holds elected officials accountable.

It is perfectly fair to criticize individual reporters and journalism in America, but it crosses the line to start suggesting most are literally evil people intent on destroying you and your family. Using that kind of language to describe reporters is a relatively new phenomenon in American politics because it’s usually been confined to unhinged dictators terrified of checks on their power.

What is behind this increasingly pure hatred for the press? Undoubtedly it is former President Trump. The most likely explanation seems to be that he himself was trying to establish a dictatorship. Why else would he steal their tactics and language?

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