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Who is Chicago Ray (@Chicago1Ray) on Twitter?

Chicago1Ray (@Chicago1Ray) known as, “Chicago Ray” on Twitter is a radical right-wing account. The account is highly influential, with not only over 100k followers, but has written tweets that have as many as 15k retweets. Chicago Ray also claims to have been retweeted by former President Trump 6 times.

Despite it’s reach, the account is highly radical, and it’s unclear why it hasn’t been banned for violating Twitter’s rules.


We’ve been able to verify that the Chicago Ray’s image is connected to a real person who used to live in Chicago. However, the individual (who we are not revealing for privacy reasons) appears to have a bit of a shady past and seems to have no personal social media accounts. The account also spreads hate and uses memes in a similar way to foreign troll accounts. However, while these things are suspect, and a pattern we’ve found on other suspect accounts such as the influential Catturd account, it’s far from proof that the account is controlled by someone else other than the person pictured in the profile image.

The account began January 2017 and was very pro Trump from the start. The account also expresses deep rage that borders on threats and open bigotry.

Chicago Ray, Twitter Radical

From the start, Chicago Ray had some pretty radical comments. See below for an example, where he suggests reporters who challenge Trump should be tortured.

Bigoted Comments by Chicago1Ray

From the start, Chicago Ray seemed to flirt with violating Twitter rules by comments that could be seen as bigoted.

Top Tweet by @Chicago1Ray

Chicago Ray has had many tweets with over 2,000 Retweets (see here for complete list). See below for his most shared tweet which echoes and election conspiracy theory.

Election Conspiracy

The Chicago Ray account questions the legitimacy of the American President, and by extension, appears to question the legitimacy of the American government. The current pinned tweet suggests President Biden is an illegitimate President.1

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