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Congresswoman Nancy Mace Accused of Hoax Vandalism

Bess Kalb, a Twitter influencer and writer has posted a series of interesting replies to Congresswoman Nancy Mace. Mace claims to have had her home vandalized by far-left Antifa activists. In a video she posted recently, Mace showed the vandalism which included angry messages and multiple Antifa symbols.

In a series of viral tweets, Bess Kalb implied that this may have been a hoax.

Kalb also mentioned that these, “unsolved vandalisms” seem to strangely keep happening to Mace, how her house paint seemed to have been intentionally avoided, and that a ring video doorbell seems to have been pointed directly at the crime scene, yet no video has been released.

Was it a Hoax?

The evidence mentioned above is interesting though also circumstantial. Because of this we aren’t able to conclude either way, and only call for the details (especially the handwriting and potential video evidence) to be investigated. As the police are currently investigating the incident1, we may find out what really happened at Nancy Mace’s place.

  1. See CNN article

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