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Live Feeds Info

The live feeds you see pull from Twitter lists we’ve created via our Twitter accounts @NMTimes and @NMTimesMonitor. See below from some notes on the list.


“Far Left” and, “Far Right” simply refer to those who are further to the left or right politically. “Far Left” doesn’t mean communist in the way we are using the term. Similarly putting someone in the, “Far Right” category doesn’t mean they are a white supremacist. It simply means they are decent distance away from the center. This is similar to how others use these terms.

In addition, there is a broad range of reasons an account may be included on these lists. It can be their policy views but it can also be their rhetoric. We see our categories as useful buckets yet certainly imperfect distinctions.


Accounts are selected based on a few criteria. Those who are influential only on social media are included. In addition, those who are influential in the non-digital sphere (such as politicians) are included even if their social media following is small.

We are constantly seeking to improve our lists by adding additional influencers and honing our categories. If you see an account you think should be added, or moved to a different category, feel free to Tweet us @NMTimes.