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Who is Feisty Floridian (@Feisty_FL) on Twitter?

Feisty Floridian (@Feisty_FL)1 is one of the most influential right-wing accounts on Twitter. While she currently has about 33k Twitter followers, her tweets regularly get hundreds and sometimes thousands of retweets.


Other Accounts

@Feisty_FL is not Feisty Floridian’s original account.2. She previously went under the handle @peddoc63 which was created April 2013.3 This account reached to at least 169,000 followers.4

feisty floridian original profile image
Feisty Floridian’s profile under her old account @peddoc63

Tea Party

Early in her account history, she supported the Tea Party and attacked Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. 5

Top Influencer in the 2016 Election

Under her old handle (@peddoc63) she was named #69 in a list of top 100 influencers in the 2016 election.6

Twitter Ban

Her @peddoc63 account suspended by Twitter for unknown reasons. She came back as @Feisty_FL in 2018.7 This is similar to other prominent right-wing accounts such as @ilDonaldoTrumpo, which Twitter has also allowed to restart under a new handle after being banned.


We’ve investigated Feisty Floridian’s views under both her past and present Twitter accounts. In addition to her support for the Tea Party, she has a number of other interesting views.

Biden an Illegitimate President

In this Tweet from January 20218, she suggest President Biden wasn’t, “constitutionally elected” and was, “placed into power against the will of the people.”9

Extremist Solutions?

This tweet10 was concerning as it appears to support, “rebellion” in combination with a gun emoji. Unfortunately the linked image is unavailable so we don’t have the complete context.


Feisty Floridian has demonstrated strong anti-FBI views. She has attacked them on numerous occasions11 and even accused them of treason as in the tweet below.


She has also expressed strong Anti-Islam views. Below is an example of a tweet she retweeted12

Pro Ted Cruz

Her original account boasted of being followed by Ted Cruz13. She’s retweeted Cruz and appears to have written this of Cruz, “Closest we have EVER been to Ronald Reagan is @tedcruz”.14

‘Democrats are Terrorists’

She has referred to democrats as, “terrorists” as can be seen from the Tweet below.

Other Views

From her other tweets available from the Internet Archive and still live on Twitter, it’s clear she is pro-life/anti-abortion, very pro-Trump, and very anti-Obama and Hillary.

Shared by Russia

Known Russian troll accounts have appreciated Feisty Floridian’s content. They mentioned her @peddoc63 account at least 312 times with retweets of her content.15 These Tweets are available for viewing here. One of her tweets appears to be one of the most shared Tweets by Russian troll accounts16 and was apparently the 27th most mentioned user by Russian Trolls17 .

Further research would be needed to determine if there is any direct connection between Feisty Floridian and the Russian government18, and the Russian accounts may have been sharing her content (including recommending people attend an event of hers)19 because it was highly divisive and pro-Trump, which harmonized with the goals of their influence operation.

That is interesting, because her highly divisive account currently pins a tweet which claims to be against division.


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