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Good People Who Suck at Social Media Are Destroying America

America is on life-support and our doctors need to grow a pair.

It’s hard to deny that partisan politics is destroying America. Each side tries to destroy the other, leaving the entire country battered and bruised.

Who is left? The moderates.

Moderates can teach us to put country above party. They can lower the temperature so our country survives.

But moderates are a tiny minority. Why?

Moderates are boring. Really boring.

Our original homepage had a whole section for moderates in each party. We had to take it down because they were so boring. No website can succeed through boredom.

It doesn’t have to be this way… good people CAN be entertaining.

Why? Good people have a big thing going for them… the truth.

Why was Churchill so entertaining? He spoke the truth, plainly.

While he was far from a moderate he was no partisan hack either. Good people can be entertaining if they don’t shy away from speaking the truth.

Being a moderate politically doesn’t mean you need to be a coward. Being a good person doesn’t mean you have to be a, “nice guy” or gal.

Ignoring Twitter is like ignoring the printing press in the 16th century. You ignore social media to your own peril.

Don’t mince words on social media… moderates. We need you to say the truth.

You can be fair and firm. You can be moderate politically and passionate about defending democracy.

Partisans don’t own passion.

The truth shall set you free. It will set America free. And it will actually get engagement on social media.

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