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Is Catturd on Twitter a Fraud?

One of the most influential Twitter users is the right-wing comedy account, Catturd ™ (@catturd2). Catturd has over 500k followers and has been retweeted by influential figures such as President Trump 1 and Marjorie Taylor Greene.2

Catturd’s Awkward Jenna Ellis Interview

Since the account’s creation in September 2018, Catturd has remained completely anonymous until recently. A person claiming to be Catturd has been doing interviews in places such as Jenna Ellis’ podcast. Some things in the interview seemed awkward and hard to believe. We want to be clear that it’s very possible Ellis interviewed the real Catturd. However, because it’s an anonymous account it’s difficult to know for sure either way.

Does this Sound Real?

The man Ellis interviewed didn’t sound at all how one would expect. The Catturd account is bold, brash and witty. However, the person Ellis interviewed seemed completely opposite to this. He came across as a passive and simple man, basically the reverse of the Catturd you see on Twitter. Is it possible he acts differently on Twitter than in real life? Sure. Let’s keep moving on to more strange things about the account.

First Social Media Account… Ever

In the interview with Jenna Ellis, the person purporting to be Catturd claimed “I’ve never been on any social media before in my life”3 and had joined Twitter just about two and a half years ago. Now the story is starting raise some red flags. One of the most influential Twitter users, who built his following in just two and a half years, had never used social media before? Not even a personal Facebook? How many people have you ever met in that category?

Is it believable that someone so non-tech saavy as to have never tried social media before would already be able to photoshop images like this after just two months? It’s possible, but also difficult to believe.

This raises multiple questions. First, is this person Ellis interviewed, put forth by the official Catturd Twitter account a fake? Second, if he doesn’t have social media, is he hiding something in his past? We don’t know, but it does seem strange.

“I didn’t know anybody on Twitter.”

In the same interview, “Catturd” said he didn’t know anybody on Twitter. This again, seems inconsistent with what we see with the Catturd account. While this is admittedly speculation, Catturd seems to have a connection to Jack Posobiec, a Twitter influencer who has been called the, “King of Fake News”4. Shortly have he made his account, he kept sending him phrases that appear to reference an inside joke (or something else… who knows)5 and after Catturd had been on the platform for just 9 days, Posobiec had retweeted him 5 times6 and private messaged him several times.7

“A Simple ol’ Country Boy” in Florida

In the Ellis interview, the guest claiming to be Catturd said he was just, “a simple ol’ country boy” living in Florida. But when Catturd saw a Trump rally it was on September, 29th 2018, and there was no rally in Florida. There was one in West Virginia.8 It’s again possible for there to be a reasonable explanation for this (maybe he was on vacation), but add it to the growing list of things that don’t seem to add up about the account.

What’s Going on Here?

The problem is that no one really knows. It’s possible the man Jenna Ellis interviewed is just, “a simple ol’ country boy” who lucked out by getting noticed by Jack Posobiec early on. It’s also possible that the Catturd account, whose content has been shared by known Russian trolls (see this article), who has attacked Federal Law Enforcement, and supported election conspiracy theories, is an account controlled by special interests or foreign adversaries.

The Questions

Did a simple ol’ country boy trying out social media for the first time in 2018 just write a sci-fi novel, a comic, get messaged and retweeted by one of the most influential Twitter users who he didn’t know beforehand multiple times after being on the platform for just ten days? Did that same social media novice start doing a good job photoshopping images after just two months, happen to be in a different state the one time we know his exact location? Or is the account something more sinister? Jack Posobiec and Jenna Ellis both seem to have troubling connections with Russia. Ellis has been featured on the Russian propaganda network RT9 and Posobiec has repeatedly shared content from Russian-backed media outlets.10

It’s certainly possible all of this speculation is incorrect, but it also seems difficult to buy Catturd’s story. For the reasons contained in this article, further research and transparency is needed. America deserves to know who is behind this highly influential Twitter account.

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