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Is Hating Law Enforcement MAGA Dogma?

There seems to be a fair critique against the left for using inflammatory rhetoric against police officers. There have been so many mass shootings recently that we’ve forgotten about the 2016 shooting, where a gunman killed five police officers as, “payback” for black men dying at the hands of police.1

But post-Trump, the right has their own problems hating law enforcement… as long as it’s federal law enforcement like the FBI.

In a recent article on Fox News, Tucker Carlson was condemning a man by the name of Frank Luntz. While doing so, he made an interesting comment.

In 2019, for example, he tweeted this greeting, which tells you a lot about him: “This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to the men and women of the FBI, CIA, and the intel services.” Even on Thanksgiving, Frank Luntz took time to bow before the powerful.2

In what may seem a bizarre comment to an outsider, Tucker says, “it tells you a lot about him” that he praised, “the FBI, CIA, and the intel services.”

Just over four years ago, before President Trump, this statement would be an unthinkable position for the GOP. Now one wonders how deeply ingrained it is.

Right Influencers vs. Federal Law Enforcement

There’s no doubt many Twitter influencers share this view. One prominent right wing account is Catturd™, who says,

Another prominent right-wing influencer simply says,

It’s fairly common to see statements like this from prominent right-wing influencers directed at the FBI and American intelligence services like the CIA.

Police Protect People, the CIA & FBI Protect the Nation

Republicans have a deep respect for local law enforcement. They realize why we need it to protect us. If we get rid of local law enforcement it would be anarchy. And if we got rid of federal law enforcement it would be the death of our nation entirely.

Are We Falling for Propaganda by American Enemies?

Who protects us against ISIS, against China, against Iran, and North Korea? The FBI and the CIA. They would like few things more than to discredit the FBI & American intelligence services.

There’s no doubt American enemies use social media as a form of information warfare. It makes one wonder if this is what’s really behind Americans hating the people protecting them. Perhaps they’ve sowed this seed until it reached the mainstream, where it is the most dangerous.

Opinion: Attacking the FBI & CIA is Disloyal to America

It’s hard to imagine a society who hates those protecting them to last much longer. The left-right divide has gotten so vitriolic that even people risking their lives for our safety are thrown under the bus. The reason we haven’t had another 9/11 is because of agencies like the FBI and the CIA. They are American heroes and it lacks loyalty to America to abandon them.

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