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Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) vs. Doctors

Jack Posobiec, @JackPosobiec on Twitter1 has been going after doctors and the medical industry on Twitter.2

Why the Analogy Doesn’t Work

If 200,000 mechanics fumbled repair jobs in one year, would that mean you wouldn’t trust them when they recommended you change the oil regularly? Even if there were a more complicated problem with your car, and the majority of qualified mechanics recommended you fix it X way, would you be rational in disagreeing? Of course not. We should trust scientist’s judgements on purely scientific questions.

Scientific vs. Moral Judgements

Much of the current debate about COVID restrictions makes a fundamental confusion: scientific vs. moral judgements. ”

How effective is the Pfizer vaccine at preventing spread” is a scientific question.

“How many deaths are we willing to live with” to keep our economy going is a moral question.

And, “how long should we keep COVID restrictions” is a combination of both a scientific and potentially a moral question as well. If the science shows we must keep them X more days or we will be back to square one with the virus (because vaccine resistant variants will take hold), then we should probably just trust the science. But if the science says we will save only one more life by staying in lockdown for another year, our decision may be more of a moral question. However, even in this case, the science provides a basis for our decision.

Ultimately, the critics have a point, as scientists can present moral questions as if they were scientific ones. Scientists should stick to science. However, even with moral questions, doctors have something to offer. Doctors have to make life and death decisions all the time, weighing science and data to come to a conclusion. Maybe they’re not so useless when it comes to moral questions.

Black and White Thinking

Posobiec seems to be painting these issues in black in white.3 Either you have blind faith in science or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be room for a reasonable middle ground. When there is broad scientific consensus on a scientific question, we should trust it.

Context Matters

Words matter especially in the context they are given. In the context of Posobiec’s tweets, it’s not just a harmless debate over theoretical matters. Many people are deciding whether or not to take the vaccine. For some of them, especially high-risk patients this will determine whether or not they survive COVID. Posobiec’s tweets may be taken as justification not to get the vaccine for reasons that are neither scientific or moral but are simply logical mistakes from black and white thinking. That is why they are concerning.

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