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Trump Supporter Jenna Ellis Gets Cancelled Over Mike Lindell Criticism

Jenna Ellis (@jennaellisesq), is a favorite of radical right-wing Twitter. She’s landed the first (as far as we’re aware) interview with the highly influential radical right-wing comedy account Catturd, and is highly regarded among the far-right. At least she was until recently.

No, her own extreme right is furious with her, branding her, “traitor Jenna”1 and apparently unfollowing her in mass.

Jenna Ellis’ Mike Lindell Tweet

Ellis is apparently in trouble over criticizing Mike Lindell, who recently said Trump would be, “reinstated” by August of 2021.2 Ellis criticized Lindell in the Tweet below.3

Trumpism’s Cancel Culture Strikes Again

Jenna Ellis is one of the most loyal members of the extreme right. She’s no democrat or RINO (in the strange way Trump has redefined the term). She apparently drew the line by not going along with what seems like an obviously unconstitutional attempt to depose the American President.

However, because she didn’t sacrifice all of her integrity to Donald Trump, it wasn’t enough. As we’ve argued here, Trumpism is cancel culture taken to the extreme. Anyone who doesn’t figuratively bow down and worship Trump is disposed of.

Why Jenna Took a Stand

We don’t know what was in Ellis’ mind when she wrote her controversial tweet. However, it may be that she does have some respect for the constitution and the government of the United States. Those two are clear that the election cannot be reversed and that Biden is President until 2024. Trump’s own lawyers will probably tell him the same.

Inciting Insurrection *Again*

And while the legal attempt to overthrow the Biden administration is futile, the comments by Lindell, which apparently were echoed by Trump, lay the grounds for another violent insurrection. When you tell people you’re the rightful President, that the election was stolen from you, and that you expect to be reinstated, that the constitutional rules about how we decide our President don’t apply, their natural reaction will be to attempt an insurrection. You’ve given them every justification to go ahead with it. You’ve led them up to water and claim no responsibility when they take a drink.

That approach is dangerous, unamerican, and illegal. Perhaps that’s what Jenna Ellis was worried about. If so, it was a brave move to stand up to Mike Lindell. There’s nothing less patriotic than rejecting the constitution, and everyone needs to stand up when people like Lindell lead people to do so.

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