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#MoscowMitch is Nonsense, Mueller Evidence Suggests the Opposite

“Moscow Mitch,” expressed with the hashtag #MoscowMitch, has been a popular one among liberals on Twitter. They claim Mitch McConnell is somehow beholden to the Russian government. The nickname even reached the New York Times who published a story about it.1

It’s also reached influential left-wing accounts such as Bette Midler as seen in the tweet below.

However, evidence obtained in the Mueller investigation suggests the opposite is true. That Moscow hates Mitch McConnell and is trying to get rid of him.

Russia’s Attempt to Ditch Mitch

Over 3 million tweets from Russian trolls are available for public viewing at These tweets show a consistent attempt to disparage Mitch McConnell and get him removed. You can see each mention of Mitch McConnell here. There are over 1,709 mentions of, “McConnell” and while we haven’t gone through every single one, we haven’t been able to find a single tweet that spoke positively of him. Virtually every tweet was an attack on McConnell like the one below.

mcconnell russian troll tweet

This tweet appeared a total of 86 times from Russian Troll accounts.2. The phrase, “ditch mitch” appeared a total of 102 times3 and a related hashtag appeared 85 times.4

So while it may be popular to use the term, “Moscow Mitch” the evidence suggests Moscow actually wants to take Mitch McConnell down.

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