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Proof Russia Wants the Dems to Call Republicans Racist (and vice versa)

Based on findings in the Mueller Report, it’s clear Russia tried to help Donald Trump get elected. But that was only part of their goal. Their other goal was to turn the Republicans and Democrats into Israel and Palestine. They wanted Democrats to hate Republicans and vice versa.

Based on much of the dialogue on Twitter, it looks like we are letting them win.

We’ve uncovered what seems like proof that Russia wanted Democrats to call Republicans racist (and vice versa). We’re sharing this with the hope that Americans will wake up and realize that hating each other is helping our enemies destroy us. We also find the current Twitter dialogue still suspiciously helps Russia’s interests, and believe Russia may still be influencing America’s political dialogue in a massive way.


Thanks to the Mueller investigation which exposed details of Russia’s disinformation efforts, these efforts can be investigated in detail on While Russia had almost 2x the number of right-wing accounts, they still had many left-wing accounts.2 While they still wanted Trump elected, they used these accounts to try to make Democrats hate all Republicans. As long as we are fighting with each other (instead of fighting them), when we truly hate each other, Putin wins, and these tweets provide evidence for that idea.

Russian Trolls: All Republicans are Racist

Based on an analysis of Russian troll tweets, it seems clear Putin wants Democrats to think all Republicans are racist. See below for a few examples.

There a number of other examples of similar tweets from Russian trolls (we’ve included some in this footnote).3

Also Russian Trolls: Democrats are Racist

Further evidence that Vladimir Putin wants Americans to hate each other is that they played the other side of the argument too. With their right-troll accounts, they accused Democrats as being the true racists. This can be seen in the tweet below4.

Based on this tweet and others like it, it seems clear that Russia wants Americans making broad condemnations of each other.5 They realize it hurts America when democrats believe all republicans are racist, or when republicans hate democrats for similar reasons.

How Do We Stop Them?

Russia knows America is weak when it’s fighting with each other. While democrats are correct that Putin supported Trump, they need to remember that Putin also supported democrats who made broad condemnations of all Republicans. Putin knows the best way to destroy a nation is to pit them against themselves, and Americans need to stop helping him do so.

One source of inspiration could be Martin Luther King who recognized, “we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny”6and that, “hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” 7

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