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Social Media Today: 3/7/2021

See what’s happening on social media today.


The Left


Attacking the Filibuster

The left is eager to remove the filibuster. Despite the stimulus package passing, many on the left fear the GOP will be able to thwart their agenda.


Remembering Bloody Sunday

On the anniversary of Bloody Sunday, many democrats posted about it. They also connected it to their new voting rights bill, “The “For the People Act.” The act includes a series of voting rights reforms and would make it easier to register and vote (more info here).


Celebrating the Stimulus Bill

The left sees passing the stimulus package as a big win. Many Democrats were celebrating.


Democrats also used this opportunity to slam Republicans for not supporting the bill.



The Right


Blaming a, “Border Crisis” on Biden

The right believes there is a crisis on the border, and laid the blame on Joe Biden and his policies.


They found a democratic politician who agrees with them.


They highlighted a PBS correspondent who agreed there was a crisis at the border.



Attacking the stimulus

The Right also went after the stimulus, claiming the money goes mostly to liberal, “pork” rather than helping suffering Americans.




The Far Right tweeted about, “Blueanon” which attempts to highlight false beliefs from the left & conflate them with QAnon. #Blueanon was a trending topic on Twitter today.

While both sides can hold false beliefs, comparing a conspiracy theory such as QAnon less dangerous and radical views seems far fetched. 


Another Tweet about #Blueanon

While they could be correct that the left was wrong here, it doesn’t “show” they are just as bad as QAnon.

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