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Stephen L. Miller’s Sexist Twitter Joke?

Stephen Miller’s Twitter account (@redsteeze) made what may be considered a sexist joke on Twitter today. See the below tweet.1

Miller is a writer whose work has appeared on the National Review and Fox News.2 This is different Stephen Miller than Trump’s director of speechwriting.

Was the Joke Sexist?

We’ve decided to report on this and let the reader decide. We’re not proponents of cancel culture so this type of article is unusual for us. However, we’ve decided to write about it because this joke seems to cross the line. Miller seems to mock the idea that men should have any sensitivity towards women’s rights.

Fair Criticism vs. Twitter Trolling

It’s possible there’s some reason to criticize the original WaPo article. But Miller’s goal seems to be to troll them in a way that goes much farther. His goal appears to be to say that he as a man, is laughing at the idea of having any empathy for the struggle women have gone through when they were actually forced to stay in the kitchen.

Opinion: Jokes & Cancel Culture

We believe people tend to take jokes too seriously in our modern culture, and use it as an excuse to cancel people they disagree with. However, while we don’t necessarily support cancelling Miller, it seems he has gone too far here, and would be rightly criticized for this joke.

Internet Trolls

Ultimately this looks like a classic example of internet trolling. A user says something they often know is stupid in order to get a reaction from people. Their reaction leads to comments, causing the tweet to go viral. There is a danger of taking trolls to seriously and fueling this cycle.

  1. Backup Archive of Tweet
  2. See his author description on

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