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Surrendering the GOP is Surrendering America

What would happen to a two party system if one party, which controlled about half of it, became fully fascist?

A Half Broken Democracy is Broken?

As Alexander Vindman said, “a democracy divided against itself is destined to die.”1

An example of what could happen is what former GOP influencer Joe Walsh recently said. Republicans could refuse to certify elections where Democrats clearly won.

The world has never seen a democracy half fascist and half democratic. It’s highly questionable whether such a democracy could last more than a few years longer.

If we give up the GOP to fascism, American democracy is likely finished.

No, the GOP isn’t Lost Yet

But is the GOP totally lost to fascism? It’s not, and we can prove it.

The GOP’s Senate leader, Mitch McConnel, said Trump was responsible for the insurrection. So did their house leader Kevin McCarthy. A fully fascist party would never allow them to remain in their leadership posts, let alone the party.

They may be on a trajectory to become a fully fascist party, but they aren’t there yet.

If We Surrender the GOP, America Will Be

However, if we surrender the fight for them, if all the sane people leave the party, they will certainly become fully fascist.

Saying, “the GOP is lost” has become Twitter dogma. But it’s not true. It’s probably become this more because of the far-left and special interest groups, which have massive influence in the media and on Twitter.

We’re no fan of the GOP. But it’s not lost, the fight for it is the fight for America. And surrendering it is surrendering America.

  1. October 13, 2020 Tweet

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