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The Far Right Cancels the Military

After official U.S. Military accounts responded to Tucker Carlson (which was a stupid thing to do), many on the far right decided the military was ruined!

“Every element of the Military surrendered…” it’s “broke”!

Can anyone say, overreaction? Are we going to get invaded now because a few people tweeted something? Shouldn’t these people feel ashamed for describing our military as, “broken” and every element in it, “surrendered?”

The Initial Backlash Was Fair

While acting like the whole military is ruined is absurd, U.S. Military accounts should never get into political debates. There is a certain arrogance involved in the fact they did. The left too often assumes that their own beliefs are so obviously true that no contrary views are even legitimate. This is wrong, arrogant and dangerous.

But despite what the far right tells you, the world isn’t ending. They’d like it to so they could use it as an excuse to take power, but it’s not.

In fact, the account is apologizing for getting political.

And believe it or not, the U.S. Military is more than a couple of Twitter accounts.

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