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Blue Eggs and Fail

The left ignores culture issues to their own peril.

There has been a trend on the left to completely dismiss the right’s concerns about culture issues. See the example below.*


Winning Retweets, Losing Votes

While dismissing the concerns of millions of voters gets retweets, it loses votes. According to a Yahoo/YouGov poll, 56% of Americans think cancel culture is a problem.

Lack of Empathy

It should be seen as a basic psychological principle that empathy is important to changing minds. Simply dismissing points of view that are not your own as, “tone-deaf” is shooting yourself in the foot. That is the lesson Hillary learned the hard way with the, “basket of deplorables” comment. It’s what Biden didn’t repeat during his campaign resulting in victory.

How to Win

If the left wants to continue winning, they’d be better served by replacing dismissiveness with empathy. Instead of calling the right crazy for bringing up Dr. Seuss, say you understand their concerns, then explain your point of view.

It’s hard to get votes without empathy, and the left’s response to Dr. Seuss on Twitter has none.

*While the example we cited is not technically from a left-wing account, their audience is largely leftist and it was the best concise example of this viewpoint from left-wing Twitter.

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