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Trumpism is Cancel Culture on Steroids

  • While the right has (fairly) pointed out flaws with, “cancel culture,” Trumpism is the worst manifestation of cancel culture.
  • The pro-Trump wing of of the Republican party consistently cancels anyone who dares question them, even those on their own side of the isle.
  • A few notable names include Fox News, Mitch McConnel (their own Senate leader), the FBI (their own country’s federal law enforcement).

Cancel Culture on Steroids

While the conservatism allows for a wide variety of free speech, Trumpism is a different ideology. Trumpism cancels even those on it’s own political side… Republicans. The names of Republicans Trump has gone after are so many, it’s beyond the scope of this post to list them all. We encourage those interested to view his Twitter archive for additional names of Republicans he’s attempted to cancel.

You may have noticed from the post image that some of the people/entitles listed haven’t been canceled. That’s because President Trump failed, not be cause he didn’t try.

But why is this cancel culture on steroids? It’s because many of those cancelled are Trump’s biggest supporters. Trumpism cancels people for anything less than absolute obedience that nears (or reaches) a form of worship.

Trumpism is also cancel culture taken to the extreme because of the reasons people get cancelled. People are cancelled because they will not deny obvious truths, because they won’t engage in illegal activity to help Trump attain his ends.

Notable Trumpism Cancellation Attempts

1.Fox News

With so many stories coming out around the election you may have forgotten that Trump tried to cancel Fox News. Trump was furious at Fox for being the first to call the state of Arizona for Biden. Fox’s election analysists insisted they were just following the data but Trump still wanted to cancel them.

He retweeted this Tweet in response, “Suit yourself Left Fox 4 NewsMaxxxxx.”1

Trumpism has such a strong cancel culture that a network as pro-Trump as Fox News wasn’t pro-Trump enough.

They are still around today not because Trump didn’t try to cancel them. They are around because he was unable to.

2. Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, was recently called, “a dumb son of a bitch” by Trump in front of RNC donors. McConnell, despite being a key ally in passing Trump’s legislation, is on Trump’s chopping block.

3. Federal Law Enforcement (the FBI)

Trump has said things such as, “dirty, filthy cops [are] at the top of the FBI”.2 This has lead to a strong anti-FBI sentiment among Trump’s most ardent supporters (something we’ve documented elsewhere).

Conclusion: The Benefit of the “Worst”

Ultimately Trump’s version of cancel culture is the opposite of freedom. If you slip up at any point, you will be cancelled.

However, while Trump attempts to cancel many people, he often isn’t able to. This should encourage those refuse to lie or break the law for him, or his followers.


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