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Twitter Edits Shapiro Trend After Bias Criticism

Twitter has edited a trend description that described Georgia’s recent voting law as a, “voter suppression law”. See below for screenshot.

Twitter Bias?

The trend received criticism for bias because the left believes Georgia’s law is voter suppression, the right does not. As Twitter described Georgia’s law as, “suppression,” many saw them as taking sides with the Democrats.

Twitter’s Response

Twitter apparently took the criticism to heart and edited the trend to replace, “the state’s voter suppression laws” with just, “the state’s new law,” removing the judgment of the law in order to appear more neutral.

Updated Twitter trend after criticism

History of Bias With Twitter Trends

This isn’t the first time Twitter has been accused of having a left-wing bias. Another recent (and lighthearted) instance was when Biden said he came to the Senate 120 years ago. The Right saw this as evidence of Biden’s declining mental state, and the Left claimed Biden was joking. However, from the context, it wasn’t clear exactly which was true.

With Biden’s history of gaffs and stuttering, it seems likely it was not a joke. However, Twitter’s trend again appeared to take sides, claiming it was just a joke (see below for screenshot).

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