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Wendy Rogers Repeatedly Defends Robert E. Lee on Twitter

Wendy Rogers, and Arizona State Senator, is one of the most radical Republican politicians holding official office today. She is also gets a lot of engagement on Twitter.

One of her most disturbing beliefs is her passionate defense of Robert E. Lee, the man who led the Confederate Army in their quest to break away from the United States and forever legalize the slavery of African Americans.

As of today Wendy Rogers has 24 mentions of Robert E. Lee on Twitter, most supporting him, and none mentioning anything negative about him.1

Wendy Rogers Defends Robert E. Lee: Examples

She calls Robert E. Lee a, “good man” and accuses people who have a problem with it of gaslighting.

She calls Robert E. Lee a, “true hero”

She seems to credit Robert E. Lee for helping her grow in influence.

Opinion: Is Wendy Rogers a Case Study in What’s Wrong With Social Media

Based on the last tweet, Wendy Rogers may have grown so quickly in followers 24,000 to 235,900 (where she’s at now), because of her extreme stand on Robert E. Lee.

Why do the people who say the worst things, the most disturbing and (dare we say) evil things end up becoming the biggest social media influencers?

As we’ve argued, there are likely many causes. The under-appreciated problem of bots and foreign troll accounts on Twitter, social media algorithms rewarding whatever is sensational, no matter how terrible it is, and likely human nature itself.

Regardless of why this happens, it should be considered perhaps society’s biggest problem. The fact that whoever is willing to say the most reckless and morally abhorrent things tends to become an influencer will continue to have devastating effects on our society, if it doesn’t destroy it entirely.

  1. WebArchive Backup of Wendy Rogers 24 Mentions of Robert E. Lee

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