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Why Did a Russian Troll Love Catturd?

Thanks to professors Darren Linvill and Patrick Warren of Clemson University,1 we know what Russian Trolls were doing on Twitter as recent as 2020. In their research, they’ve exposed a recent Twitter account from the Internet Research Agency (the same Russian-controlled group made famous in Mueller’s report).

Some data has been preserved for this account on See below for the Twitter profile.

Of course, all this information is fake, but it feels eerily real.

This account would fall under the, “right-troll” category as it supports right wing views. There are also, “left-trolls” who support opposite views. The goal is to get both sides trapped in endless war with each other.

Why a Russian Troll Loved Catturd (@catturd2)?

Our Russian troll seemed to love Catturd on Twitter. While we only have access to a few tweets from the troll account, we found it retweeted @catturd2 multiple times.2

So why did a Russian troll love Catturd? There’s a good possibility it’s because Catturd is highly divisive. As mentioned above, Russia supports both left and right wing accounts to make them fight with each other. As long as you hate the other side enough, as long as you help further divide America, Russian trolls will love you. That is likely one reason this Russian troll account shared multiple @catturd2 tweets.

The account also espouses some Russian-favored ideas, such as that America’s own federal law enforcement cannot be trusted.


Why did a Russian troll love Catturd? Because they thought the account would harm America. Think about that before you share a Tweet from @catturd2.

  1. See this article for more.
  2. See here for evidence.

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